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Lucy Tu




Co-Editor-in-Chief, Front Page Editor: The Hoofbeat


My name is Lucy Tu, and I’m the current Co-Editor-in-Chief and Front Page editor of The Hoofbeat. In my three years as a reporter of The Hoofbeat and two years as its Co-Editor-in-Chief, I've been fortunate enough to collaborate with a diverse staff filled with the same passion that fuels my journalistic pursuits. As a result of our work, I've watched The Hoofbeat evolve into an informative and engaging platform for our community. Through The Hoofbeat, I aim to showcase the strengths of my community, confront its shortcomings, and push boundaries in a constructive manner.


As an individual culturally impacted by censorship, I recognize my privilege in possessing the right to free speech and free press. My experiences in life, whether they’re in regard to teaching ESL courses to Cambodian children or speaking in front of audiences for Speech and Debate, have taught me the value of understanding others and ensuring that everyone has the ability to advocate for themselves. Journalism provides a medium in which I can explore human stories, facilitate factual communication, and amplify diverse voices—not silence them. Most of all, I utilize journalism as a means to seek the truth, speak the truth, and empower others to discover it as well.


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